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WTFPWNBBQ Posting Guidelines

O1. DO NOT use artwork found on DEVIANTART.COM unless you have written permission stating that you may alter their work. NO EXCEPTIONS.
O2. If you use Google in order to find artwork to modify for this community, take a moment to do a little research. Go to the website where the art is being hosted, poke around & make sure there are no restrictions on using/editing the works.
O3. If using anything from official artwork/Blizzard sites, please give a credit link somewhere in your post.
O4. It should go without saying that you should never copy another makers graphics. Everyone should be able to put their own touch on things if they intend to post graphics.
O5. Do not, under any circumstances, advertise or post links to any kind of paid graphics/work or specials. If someone truly loves what you do, they will find you. This community is for fun & I don't want any financial business here.
O6. If I find out you are using others art without permission, your posting access here will be revoked.
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